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Working Out In Style

This is a sponsored post all opinions are of my own. Please read disclaimer for more info. 

Have you ever tried to workout at home? I’m sure you at least tried it one time in your life? What about when you have a toddler? A baby is so much easier. A toddler on the other hand it can be a struggle. I started taking Barre after my local gym shut down out of no where back in May.  It has been kicking my butt. I will say as a woman with PCOS it helps out so much. Barre is all about looking and feeling in style. You just don’t want it to burn your wallet. Fabletics is a great option to go by where you aren’t paying as much as your class package.

Since starting Barre I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. Women with PCOS know how hard it is to lose,  so this is amazing. I would say I have found my workout niche. Just like any real world finding that you have. Now a day you even want to keep it in style. You don’t want to feel like you have to pick and choose between your workout and home or work gear. It can get expensive especially, if you are on budget. When you walk into Barre classes all you can think about is how stylish they look and the Energy they give off. It’s almost like a casual cool style. They even sometimes sell cute clothing along with them. The prices on the other hand aren’t so cool. That’s when you need to seek out somewhere else.

It’s only natural where you want to dress the part. Just grabbing the essentials is all you need. Definitely yoga or Barre socks. It can vary per person. The arches on my feet get sensitive so I need socks whereas regular socks may make them sweaty if I’m doing the workout inside rather than outside.

Did you know Fabletics is super affordable? You can start off and receive two pairs of leggings for $24. They have tons of styles. They even offer swim aside from workout gear. 

Finding the best style for less is what you need when your on a budget and paying for your fitness levels. How are you staying fit and in style this Summer? 

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