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What I’ve Been Snacking On Lately

Happy almost Summer. Have you ever tried a low-carb/ low sugar lifestyle yet? Or at least tried decreasing your sugar when snacking?

Sugar Snacking Smart Box Outside

For a while, my endocrinologist recommended it for PCOS but I just always felt like I couldn’t handle it. All of a sudden I just dived into and for the most part have been loving it.

I have been changing my eating and snacking habits. With the Summer almost here we always indulge just a bit. For the most part, if you have been following along I have started Keto which is an insanely low carb diet. I decided to revamp the diet and make sure I do stay within low carbs but also deplete a lot of added sugar. There are certain things I just don’t like eating so I may substitute them for something else.

Smart Snacking Sugar Box Products

Snacking is a huge culprit when trying to get healthy

I found this subscription box called Sugar Smart Box geared towards less sugar and more wholesome natural ingredients. 

Sugar Smart Box is a subscription box geared towards diabetics but since they are so low in sugar and are low-carb honestly, anyone can try these. That’s why they are perfect for keto or any low-carb diet. Plus if you just love wholesome natural products this definitely for you.

Snack Box

They offer plenty of plans and also you can even gift it to someone like other subscription boxes.

Snack Code

Right now you can receive 20% off your order with code: Sugarsmart

*I received a free months worth of snacks for my honest review*



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