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Summer dresses for curvy moms

Summer dresses for curvy moms

Happy June 1st friends! If you have been following along I posted a while back about how I’ve lost 10 pounds recently. I went back to the endocrinologist and she put me on a regimen to help me lose weight. I had no idea how much less I’ve been eating that I’ve lost 10 pounds in almost 2 months. Since then I’ve become more comfortable in upping my wardrobe for this upcoming season. Talk about body positivity! That’s why I found the best dresses for my body type recently. To all my curvy moms out there this is for you. Which means curvy galore!

Summer dresses for curvy moms


Summer dresses for curvy women

Summer dresses that hide everything for curvy moms - Jalisa Harris

Mules | Similar Dress | Denim Jacket

When it comes to Summer fitting in something having that you can breathe in but also feel like you aren’t huge in just anything is everyone’s goal! When you have a curvy body it feels impossible to find something casual but stylish.

You all know I’ve become a big capsule wardrobe shopper. It becomes too easy. Especially, when you are so busy and on a budget. It can get so hard being wrapped up in trends and wanting to get everything you see online and on social media. Especially when you have curves.

That’s why I decided to start my Summer capsule this Spring. I used to love wearing dresses so my goal this Summer is to be able to wear more of them. One of the issues I’ve had was my changing body as a mom. As a half Dominican female curves are something that comes with your body. After birth, I had no idea the complexity. Being able to find and style them more so they don’t notice the mom curves etc.

Curvy yellow striped dressEven dresses can feel like a bit or miss. Some will show everything and others can feel amazing. That is why I am rounding up a few dresses that will literally hide everything when it comes to mom curves!

Summer dresses with mules

Curvy dress outfit for Summer

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