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How I Spent My Fourth Mother’s Day

Happy Sunday friends. I’ve never wrote officially written any milestones here on the blog but since posting a reader survey on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago and hearing from all you on Instagram a couple days ago I decided to add a few things here. If you read one of the blogs previous posts and talking more about Avery on the blog, becoming more of a lifestyle/mom blog and incorporating him a little more often then this is it. Thrifty Haute Mom is obviously going to stay on the mom, fashion and lifestyle friendly aspect but more personal. This is my fourth Mother’s Day and I couldn’t be more happier. It was a long road to get him here and was pregnant for basically a year due to a previous miscarriage but it was well worth it.

We’ve had so many things happen since then. Even though these past few weeks have seemed like the worst in between tantrums, his ADHD overcoming his treacherous threes and just being a getting used to the whole blog/ work at home role that I love. I can’t help but also feel blessed. Even today. I realize it’s not about me but about him.

At the same time I’m sitting at the mall shopping for Avery while he is running around like a nut. Then my heart stopped. He hides as I’m looking for him. I’m screaming for him ut not wail back until another small child point and says he’s in there. I will say I have finally seen the light. I’ve definitely decided not to take him to the mall with me on a busy day. After the fact we had a way better day. What did you do to spend your Mother’s Day?

At least I started the day off great ehhh!!! I’ve started taking barre at The Energy Barre. I can’t wait to show ya’ll my results soon. I can feel it working already. They offer their first class for free. After that they offer a special to their new customers.

Lastly, I’ve realized I’m a casual cool ? mom. I’m not sure if it’s cause I’m a boy mom. Fashion wise that is and I’m okay with that. The best part is there are so many style bloggers, even street style bloggers who have succeeded. You don’t have to be super fancy, skinny or have professional pictures.

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