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September 2019 Cool Things I’ve loved MONTHLY FAVORITES

September 2019 Cool Things I’ve loved MONTHLY FAVORITES

I used to do a Friday / weekend favorites a while back and you all loved it. So I decided to do something a little different. That’s why I’m starting a September 2019 monthly faves. Plus it’s easier to keep up with essentially.

Here’s my September 2019 edition! 

I’ll be sharing things I’ve shared over on my Instagram stories!

Do you ever just sit back and realize all the things new and old you use in a month and how much you loved them. It helps me realize what I’m sending on and

We’re about to hit October. I can’t believe September is just about to be over. I’m rounding up a few of my favorites from last month.

September faves start now!September 2019 Favorites

Bem Beauty: I’m a sucker when it comes to skincare especially when it’s body scrubs. I’ve tried different body scrubs and love this the most. It doesn’t get everywhere and welp it keeps my skin to be so soft. You can grab this pack of body scrub and body butter or purchase them separately. Here & Here! But you honestly get a deal for both.

Bem Beauty Body Scrub & Lotion

Bem Beauty Brazlian Body Butter and Scrub

Hair Scalp Massager: Since looking into better haircare and learning how to embrace my curls better I’ve been reading into scalp massagers. Since I suffer from hair thinning from PCOS I’m trying everything to grow my thinning hair back. I’ve read how good a scalp massager can be. Plus it helps stimulate your hair follicles which can increase hair growth. THIS ONE vibrates so when you’re in the shower tends to work so well. They sell this one on Amazon and Target. The Amazon one you cand find HERE. Plus it is $5 cheaper on Amazon.

shampoo hair scalp massager

Time & Tru Memory Foam Slip-On Sneakers: I never knew a $15 pair of Steve Madden supes would feel even better. I’ve worn THESE black ones more than a dozen times and still hold up. I currently have these in BLACK & GREEN

Black Comfy Criss Cross Slippers

Laura Ashley Black criss cross slippers

I’ve been seeing these all over Insta. A lot of others purchase theirs on Amazon but all the reviews I would read would be negative. I found THESE ones at TJ MAXX for more than 1/2 price on Amazon. The ones I have are from Laura Ashley and are my go-to when I’m home.

DSLR iPhone adapter: When I got my laptop last December I realized I didn’t have an actual USB port. So I ended up getting an adapter for my laptop. Realizing after the fact I edit all my photos in Mobile Lightroom. So I bought this adapter for my phone. I can’t believe I never purchased sooner.

dslr iphone adapter

Mid-Rise Jersey Leggings: Last month Old Navy had a mega sale. Their leggings were on sale for $5. Before that, I got a pair for $15 and loved them. So I ended up grabbing 5 other pairs including these leopard ones. Totally in love with these.

Leopard leggings for errandsFall leggings for September from Old Navy

Hope you enjoyed the month of September: faves and try out at least one of these.

Shop Them Below


Old Navy Mid-Rise Printed Jersey Leggings for Women
FA-STAR SD Card Reader, Digital Camera Reader Adapter Compatible with iPhone/iPad (Support iOS 12 and Before), Trail Game Camera Viewer Compatible with iPhone/iPad, No App Required - White
Women's Time And Tru Quilt Twin Gore Slip On
Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush - Handheld Vibrating Massager, Water-Resistant Device - Lucite Green
Bem! Brazilian Body Scrub Natural Exfoliator for Smooth Skin with Coconut and Sugar Cane 6.9 oz
Bem! Brazilian Body Butter Natural Moisturizing Cream for Dry Skin with Coconut and Shea Butter 8 oz
Bem! Brazilian Body Scrub & Body Butter Natural Gift Set for Dry Skin with Coconut and Shea Butter

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