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Preparing For The Winter Months

Preparing For The Winter Months

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preparing for the winter months

As a New Englander preparing for the Winter is essential. You never know what will arise or at what time? Preparing for the worst time of the year or even unpredictable times is never easy.  No matter what time zone you live in. Last Winter we had the dryest and warmest weather in a while. Nothing under 45 degrees. It caught up with us this past Summer. We had the coolest Summer in a long time. This year we’ve already had one blizzard, artic temps, and many homes without necessities at the worst times. Throwing in babies, toddlers, and people who can’t afford much when you’re not expecting it can be so harsh. Especially when owning a home.

In New England, the Winter always combs for the worst part of the year. Homes are at risk of fire, flooding, heat and even electricity emergencies. Different parts of the country have different types of weather. These can range from dry, artic temps, extremely hot temps, fires etc.

Winter Weather Disaster

There are 10 things you can do to prepare for any type of any type of Weather Advisory during the Winter.

  1. Have a backup generator in case your electricity goes out.
  2. Have a stock of blankets, candles, water, and perishables in case you lose power and heat.
  3. Fill your car up with a full tank of gas in case you’re needing to hideout or travel elsewhere during the cold months.
  4. Fill up on an extra container of gas.
  5. Have your heating system checked before it starts getting cold. *Our heat actually went out and our boiler had to be repaired 2x before it was working normally. Originally the heat would not go past 60 degrees.*
  6. Have a fire extinguisher in case of fire. The colder months are more likely to result in a fire. *I’ve seen so many people lose their homes during the Winter months. You don’t want to be one of those*
  7. Make an emergency and exit plan. Especially when you have those little ones. *Go over it like they do in elementary school so they understand, in case of an emergency.*
  8. Create an emergency kit for the home and car.
  9. Educate yourself on natural disasters and how they start so you can prepare.
  10. Make sure all water systems are in place. You always need to have your water systems checked. You also don’t want to run out of water during an emergency. My Patriot Supply helped provide water filtration systems when Hurricane Irma had hit Florida.

Winter Water Disaster

Read more about My Patriot Supply and how they helped during the Hurricane Irma natural disaster.


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