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Holiday Beauty Shopping Guide

2016 Holiday Beauty Shopping Guide

Next week is Thanksgiving. That means we should all start freaking out about the holidays right? Wrong. Black Friday is a taboo holiday. I do admit there are many great deals its not a neccessity. There are so many online retailers that already have their handpicked holiday selections. With the holidays soon to be here, do we really know where to start? When it comes to the point where its necessary to make a purchase for someone else we may freeze for a moment. When it comes to beauty there are so many items that come out every week. What exactly is a universal gift we can buy?

This month THM is coming out with quite a few holiday gift guides. Kids, Women, Men, Beauty & Small Shop.

Runner up is this great Beauty guide.

  1. Tarte Tartlet In Bloom Clay: If you have any light lovers this is the palette for them.
  2. Gimme That Brow: A game changer for Benefit. If you have any brow lovers this is the one gift they need.
  3. Essie Nail Polish: Even after Labor Day white is in this season especially in nail color.
  4. Sephora Gel Serum Concealer: Added color correction is a plus for this concealer.
  5. Honest Beauty Highlight Kit
  6. Aromatherapy Oils: Great for relaxation.
  7. Dead Sea Mud Mask: Beauty is skin deep. Washing out the dirt, makeup & impurities is a must.
  8. Nume Set: For a Latina curly-haired woman this a definite must.
  9. MOTD Brushes & Bag Set: Both is what you need especially if you’re a traveler. 
  10. Bite Lipstick Set: The perfect set for a lipstick queen.

These are just 10 different options but give you a great start to the holiday season especially for any beauty buffs.


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