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Fall Mini Makeover Box With Babbleboxx

Fall Mini Makeover Box With Babbleboxx

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It’s that time of year. Fall time. It’s also where you want to create a better you with the last 90 or so days left of the year. Who wouldn’t want to anyway? Plus it’s that time where all the newest products coming out that we are always wanting to try out. It’s always leaving me to want to update something personally. It always gives me a away to revamp before the busy season starts and literally have no time or way to spend on myself. You would say I’m a last-minute saver and shopper. Talk about self-care. Which isn’t a word I use lightly. In between football practice, work and just being able to spend a little time with family. That’s why a Fall makeover is the best.

Fall Mini Makeover Babbleboxx

That’s why today I am rounding up a few new favorites I am crushing on at the moment.

Earth Brand Shoes

Earths Brand Makeover Box

I’ve always been a shoe person. Normally I’m all about flats and slip ons. That’s why when I can find stylish sneakers that do so I grab them while I can. That’s why over the past year and a half I’ve been getting into sneakers. This season I got these Zinnia I had to have them. Plus they’re perfect for those busy mornings you’re running around doing errands. I’m all about comfort these days which these offer ground up comfort. Plus they are offered in premium leather and even memory foam footbed cushions your foot from heel to toe; since I suffer from plantar fasciitis. To make it even better Earth Brand Shoes is in partnership with Trees.org. They donate a tree for every pair of shoes that are purchased.

Maidenform Sexy Shapewear Strapless Convertible Body Briefer

Since starting my fitness journey a couple weeks ago finding shapewear that actually fits without feeling uncomfortable is important. Maidenform Sexy Shapewear Strapless Convertible Body Briefer helps smooth your tummy & waist while helps create an hourglass shape. It’s also convertible and has removable straps for wardrobe versatility which nowadays is important and something you need. It helped stay in place and didn’t feel like I had something underneath that was so uncomfortable I wanted to remove. 

Aveo Hello

Aveo Contacts Makeover Box

I finally got the okay to start wearing contacts from my doctor after having allergic conjunctivitis last Summer. I was so relieved. That’s why it was perfect to include these in my Fall Makeover Box! The only thing is, it has always killed me how much more expensive they can be. I literally stretched a 6 month supply to almost a year since dailies are way more expensive. I recently was able to try out a new contact lens service called Aveo Hello. They’re super affordable and offer a monthly subscription that is less than $1 a day. I’m so picky when it comes to how contacts feel and loved these ones. I couldn’t even tell they were in.

All their contacts offer HD vision correction, are naturally biocompatible with all-day hydration. They even have UV protection. It’s so easy to get started. You can use your existing prescription or get a new one using your smartphone. Right now get your first month for free (30 pairs) of lenses. You can check them out HERE

Summer’s Eve: Lavender + Camomile Cleansing Wash & Coconut Water Cleansing Cloths

Summer's Eve Makeover Box

When you are on the go, or just got out of those hardcore bootcamp classes having something that will help keep you fresh is always good. That’s why I love using Summer’s Eve: Lavender + Camomile Cleansing Wash & Coconut Water Cleansing ClothsThey help keep me fresh in and out of the shower. The Lavender + Chamomile Cleansing Wash rinses away odor-causing bacteria without leaving the feel of any residue after your shower. Which is always a great thing. The Coconut Water Cleansing Cloths are just what you need when you don’t have time to shower right after a workout and you’re feeling drenched. I always like to slip them into my bag and use right after each class. 

I hope you enjoy these items for Falls best makeover

Fall Makeover Must Have Box

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