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Divatress: a mamas solution

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If after having I would have known the issues of hair I would have had I’m sure I would’ve gone another route. My hair was falling out in chunks until he was almost two. When he was one years one years I discovered I had a gelatin allergy which meant I couldn’t even take regular vitamins.

Seeing that I have curly hair you think I have a ton of hair but that’s not the case. My hair is the thinnest and aside from the Spring and Summer I have the worst time styling it. During the Winter it is straight central. That’s when I found divatress.

Divatress is an online leading beauty e-commerce company that offers thousands of wigs and hair care products. They believe in looking and feeling like a diva. They have products to add a pop of color, a braid or ponytail, or even lengthen and shorten your look. A wide range of wig brands and pricing options will help you accomplish whatever look and style you have in mind.

The best part is right now their products are being offered at such a great price. Every mama knows how important it is to have their hair looking great. Their most popular lace front wigs come in straight, wavy and curly which is great for someone who would like variety.

Here are a few of my faves. Go check out yours HERE

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