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Curly Hair 101: 5 Great Ways To Introduce New Products

I’ve partnered with Moms Meet and received free supply from Desert Essence to help facilitate this post. Please read Disclaimer Page for info. 

Summer can be the best but worst time to try and maintain your curly hair.  Every time I cut my hair it takes forever for it to grow back and cooperate like it did previously. I recently go the diva cut which is specifically based for curly haired women. Somehow after getting this cut my hair just does not want to look as it did previously. I never dry my hair with a hair dryer. I’ve always self dried it since it always looked better that way. Especially when using the product during the Summer months. In between damp and humid weather it almost feel inevitable.

Desert Essence Hair Products Line

Since I’m all about clean beauty I decided to try out Desert Essence Anti-Breakage Shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. The first thing that pointed out to me was the Biotin. Since I suffer from PCOS I oddly have a spot in my scalp that is more scarce than the other parts. Plus my hair still falls out frequently. That’s why I decided to share:

Outdoor Desert Essence Hair Product

5 Great Ways To:

Introduce New Hair Products For Curly Hair

  1. When a new season approaches switch up your hair products: No matter if it’s shampoo, conditioner, gels, hairspray or hair creme. With the dip or rise in temperatures like here in Boston sometimes it can be crucial.
  2. Go the all natural route before starting new products. Sometimes your hair is even more sensitive than you think.
  3. Always try a small amount at a time especially with the weather. Way back when I was planning my wedding and needed a little something to help grow my hair and decide to start using one of those grow your hair type shampoo and conditioner. I didn’t realize until my dress fitting the product was actually irritating my scalp and I had no idea until my sister pointed it out.
  4. Try out new products. Don’t be afraid to go back to an old product you may have used or a brand new one. I was scared to start using Desert Essence at first but it’s actually been helping me out.
  5. Enjoy it. Have fun but be cautious in case you never used this product hence tip #3.

Hope you enjoy these tips. You can receive 20% off your order with code: DELovesMomsMeet on desertessence.com



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