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Budget Halloween

Budget Halloween

Tj Maxx is always the place to be. Budget or no budget they always have the best style, home, kids and even beauty items.  Tuesday was browsing day for the blog. They had the cutest Halloween items at a fraction of the price. I had to pickup the Halloween candy bags for my toddler, which were only $1.49 each.

Halloween can be such an expensive holiday. It’s almost as bad as Christmas.  The amount you spend just on a costume alone is outrageous. Then you count in the accessories, makeup, home items and anything else may leaving anyone on a budget after the fact. It’s even more when you have a family that needs the whole Halloween makeover. It’s like Christmas before Christmas.

Mostly everything was under $24.99. They even had a rack with left over Halloween costumes. Most stores vary, so you may see similar items that you have seen in others, but its not guaranteed. In between, the home, beauty and fashion items everything comes out as a steal. The sugar skull cup was only $4.99 which is a steal. I would recommend scouring your local store for their beauty or seasonal section. You can find the same brand if not higher quality of makeup for Halloween at a fraction of the cost. Make sure you head over before Halloween approaches us. If you try and hit up Marshalls as well you can find the same items that are actually at Tj Maxx. How about that. Always go to the smaller stores like these before going to the big party and Halloween stores. You may not even realize what you find on your way.

~Happy haute reading~

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