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10 Tips For Visiting Legoland Discovery Center Boston For The First Time

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Legoland Boston Entrance

Why it’s different?

We have all heard of Legoland in Florida and California. They have a water park and plenty of other things to do. Whereas Legoland Discovery Center Boston is a bit different. It’s smaller inside but honestly, it’s a great starter especially for those parents who haven’t brought their littles to any type of amusement park.

1. Arrive Early

When I was looking up their hours I read on Google how their busiest time is at 2 PM every day. Plus the location is based within a shopping strip/mall so it’s always busy. We decided to go a little earlier. We arrived around 11 AM which was perfect. A doesn’t always do the best when having to wait. Life of a toddler am I right? With his ADHD sometimes it can go from 0-100% quite quickly.

Legoland Boston A's Lego

2. Quite Of A Simple Concept

Since it’s inside they way their layout is easy so you don’t have much trouble getting lost. They include 2 rides, a 4D theatre which runs for 12 minutes. Every time the movie is different so you can go back and watch again. They also have Miniland which is a replica of the City of Boston and more.

3. Ride Attractions

There are 2 rides included in admission. Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice. Each ride currently has height requirements but children can ride with an adult.

4. Miniland: Boston

Because you are at Legoland Boston. You can see a legit replica of popular places in Boston that have been built.

Legoland Boston Miniland Entrance

Legoland Boston Miniland Harbor

Legoland Boston Miniland Fenway Park

Legoland Boston Miniland Children's Museum

Legoland Boston Miniland Gillette Stadium

5. Center

Once you exit Miniland you come to their main base. It comes equipped with everything need to play with Lego. From Duplo to Master Builders.

6. Lego 4D Cinema

Whenever we would hit up the Museum of Science we would always go to the 4D theatre with whatever show they would offer. When it comes to Legoland the best part is, you don’t have to pay an extra fee. Each film is about 12 minutes. A literally talked through the whole thing. He was so amazed by the feeling of water, different scents, and air. But all in all, he loved it and 12 minutes was perfect timing. They also offered different films each time so you could stay for the next one or come back etc.

7. Star Wars: Miniland

They have cute sections dedicated to just Star Wars. In particular based on the film: Episode II Attack of the Clones.

Legoland Boston Star Wars 2

Boston Legoland Star Wars

8. Play Zone

They had a small play zone that was perfect for his age. It comes combined with slides and a jungle gym. Once any kid sees this they’ll be in love.

9. Racers Build & Race

If you have a little who likes to build with their hands this is for them. You can build a Lego car and then race them down the tracks.

10. Pricing

It’s better to purchase your tickets online then waiting to arrive and purchasing. Their website offers 20% off standard ticket pricing.

All in all our visit was great. A loved it since he got to play with unlimited LEGO’s while we were there.

What is your take in attending small amusement parks?

Legoland Boston Miniland Quincy Market


  1. March 7, 2018 / 1:08 PM

    That’s cool! I’ve never been there and loved the peak inside. My daughter is too young, but what age would you recommend at a good starter age for going?

    • Jalisa
      March 7, 2018 / 1:10 PM

      I feel like 4 was the perfect age. They actually acknowledge what’s going on. We’ve taken him to other amusement park type places/zoos etc and really he didn’t get the experience since he was so young.

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