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10 great items for that any type of man

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Dad’s, husbands and boyfriends always need something special. I always feel like there is never enough time in the day for them. My husband is an electrician so he goes to work super early and even when he comes home from work he’s super tired. Even as a stay at home mom I feel like I still don’t spend as much time in between the blog, caring for a preschooler and just taking time for the home. I rounded up a great list of items for any man in your life in this gift guide.


1. The Barber

harrys shave set



2. The Mixologist

silicone ice cube tray

3. The Gamer

Playstation VR

4. The Entertainer

Mini Beer Pong

5. The Super Hero Feen

Dead Pool Hat

6. Always On The Go

Tile Key Finder

7. The Lounger

Gaming Socks

8. The DIYER Or Builder

DeWalt Set

9. The Party Goer

HP Sprocket

10. The Sports Fan

Bruins Beard Beanie

  1. Harry’s Shave Kit: I received a sample similar to THIS a couple months back and loved this brand. For $14.99 you receive a premium type of razor with great products.
  2. Extra Large Ice Cube TrayI’m sure any man would love these extra big ice cubes.
  3. Playstation VR: If you’re anything like my husband then you still have some type of game system lying around. THIS is perfect for those gamers.
  4. Mini Ping Pong: This is the perfect gift for those holiday and family functions.
  5. Marvel Dead Pool Hat
  6. TileIf you’re one to lose your keys, luggage etc THIS is the perfect gift. You can control everything from online and their app.
  7. Gaming Socks
  8. DeWalt
  9. HP SprocketThese are so fun. They come with sticky backs so you can remove the backs and put them on paper, use for holiday parties etc. I was able to use mine for A‘s Fall DIY family leaf.
  10. Bruins Bearded BeanieI can’t get over this. My husband normally participates in No Shave November and will last throughout the season or until the finals/championship is over. Whichever comes first.

Hope these all inspired you.

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