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When The Light Has Finally Shown

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The light has finally shown…

I have to say in between Feb and March and being sick in between the whole family I was feeling sorta mixed up with Thrifty Haute Mom.  You look at all these other mom, fashion, food, lifestyle blogs and wonder how can I be different A and B will it succeed? When starting this website I solely wanted to become a deal blogger and it didn’t flow right. I just didn’t have the time to scour stores and online everyday.

Sometimes I forget I’ve only been doing this for just about a year and have quite some time to become a seasoned and professional blogger and that’s okay. 

A few months ago I rebranded into a motherhood/lifestyle with a focus on style on a budget. The only problem was I wasn’t completely comfortable with my body. I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Before childbirth I had the issue with missed cycles and then I gained a whopping 30 pounds. I lost all the weight and naturally conceived which was something I didn’t think I would since PCOS carried the likeliness of infertility. After a miscarriage and rough pregnancy I started to cycle regularly.

Now, two symptoms I had to deal with is insulin resistance and weight gain. After the weight gain my cycles started to act up. This meant my body thinks I have diabetic tendencies but I’m not diabetic which in turn my body is more sensitive and I gained back all my pregnancy weight.

Since I’m only 5 feet I carry most of it on my belly. The worst part is a woman with PCOS can take longer to lose the weight than the average woman that is on a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Two years ago because of all the weight gain I gained another health condition called pseudo tumor cerebri which basically means I have built up fluid around my brain and my body is mimicking a brain tumor. I had to get a spinal tap which is similar to an epidural to release some of the pressure which would help with headaches.

Then… a year later I started to get the headaches again. I get this massive headaches that are worth migraines that would cause me to be miserable.

It would be to the point my toddler would say daddy mommy has a headache. That just broke my heart on some days.

As a mama bear I was scared to death. One scary thing that can happen is you can go blind in extreme cases but since mine is only mild I dont have that issue. One issue I do have is I have to be on medication until I lose the weight which I have to do in order to have another baby.

It has been a challenge but I’m finally losing the weight. Slowly but surely. Someone is always struggling to find their way. I will say this blog and just being a blogger in general has helped me come out of my shell.

It’s actually starting to make me into a better mom as I am doing something for me instead of working at a place I feel unhappy and unappreciated and even feel like a better wife and just a better person.

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