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Watches Are Still a Thing?

Boyfriend : $19.99// Wristology : $39.99 // US Polo Assn.: $19.99 // Fossil: $71.97

Accessories can make an outfit. Watches can work in two ways. To tell time and as an accessory. Accessories can make an outfit. This is a men and women’s to go accessory. No matter what the age. Nothing is wrong with that. As trends and time comes and goes its hard to thinkAs you get older your style changes. My own style has changed over the last few years. In between childbirth, weight gain and my own battle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome my style sense has shifted. I have always been a plain Jane. I try and blend certain colors with others. I dared this past Summer and delved into patterned leggings. Oh my.

  As a young first time mom myself I will say I have steered away from certain accessories. From the pulling and tugging I steered away from draped necklaces, earrings and anything that hangs. My three year old does good now, but before I would be in pain from trying to rip my earrings out.

What are your top watch brands

~Happy Haute reading mamas~

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