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Top 10 Easter Books For Preschool – Aged Kids


Holidays are a fun way to get your little ones into reading. Easter is one of those fun ones. Preschool age is the best place to start.

Preschool Easter Books

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loves books even though he doesn’t know how to read yet. He tries his best.

Paw Patrol Easter Preschool Book

Paw Patrol is one of A’s favorites right now. Anything to make things fun is always helpful. This one is one of our top faves. Plus I know he will want to see this book all the time.

Peppa Easter Preschool Book

If you caught our Unconventional Easter Basket Must Haves For Toddlers. This one was in that guide. What toddler doesn’t love Peppa Pig? A watched the series too much at one time he started to talk British so other people were asking if we were British.

Thomas Tank Engine Preschool Book

Thomas is every kid’s favorite when they are a toddler. Thomas the Tank Engine saves the day by hurrying around with a trainload of colorful eggs, helping to get them hidden just in time.

Hungry Caterpillar Preschool Kids Easter Book

Who didn’t like The Hungry Little Caterpillar? This book is just what any kid needs. You have The Hungry Little Caterpillar and learning about colors.

Peter Rabbit Easter Preschool BookThe Tale Of Peter Rabbit is another fave. Peter Rabbit has been around for so long.

Pete And Cate Easter Preschool Book

Pete & Cat is one of those series where you’re constantly thinking to yourself? Why do you watch or even like this?

Mouse Easter Preschool Book

We all loved If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. THIS one is just as good.

Llama Llama Easter Preschool Book

Llama Llama always has a great series.

Precious Moments Preschool Book

Precious Moments is a great starter if you are looking to introduce Jesus to your littles.

Elmo Easter Preschool Book

Elmo is always a favorite when you have small babies or toddlers.

What are your favorite Easter books for your little one or preschooler?


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  1. Laura Adney
    March 18, 2019 / 2:56 PM

    These are such good reads for my little kiddo. Thank you for sharing such a great list

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