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Sunscreen: A Fool Proof Guide For Moms & Kids

This post describes different types of Sunscreen to use from child to mom. This post also contains affiliate links and referral codes. You can click any image to shop. If you shop from my blog, I may be compensated for purchases that you make. Thank you for supporting me and this blog. Read my disclaimer page for more information.

Sunscreen 101

Sun screen and overall skin care are so important during the Spring and Summer. Even for us Moms. On cloudy days you can even burn. Not many know that, thinking you get a tan or burning a little bit to get darker is actually even worse for your health.

Back in February, I went on a cruise with my husband, A and my husbands family. We sailed across the Caribbean. It was so much fun aside from the fact that I burned my back and shoulders completely on the second day. My first cruise we went to the Bahamas and it was cold at that time of year so we never spent time in the pool.  I’m normally the one who doesn’t burn. I’m Dominican so you would think I would be used to it. Since I haven’t been on vacation, in sun that fierce for almost two years I should’ve rethought it more. The worst part was I was actually using sunscreen. The only problem was it was a brand I have never used in the past.

Sunscreen 101: Purchase the right kind for your skin

Not all sunscreen is alike. Everyone’s skin is different, so it can respond differently to skincare products. As I get older I’ve realized my body and skin has become so much more sensitive. Afterwas born I actually used Coppertone Waterbabies Pure and Simple Free – SPF 50 since he used it. Since it’s made for babies and their sensitive skin it’s a go. If you are at the last resort or even on a budget this one will help you out.  I definitely didn’t use this one when I went on vacation.

The same with Coppertone Kids last year. It has SPF 75 which is a little more than but still worked great. I would suggest staying away from SPF 100. That’s what I used when I went on vacation and did not protect my skin at all.


Always check the ingredient section of your sunscreen. When was turning two I was looking into the kid’s version of Coppertone instead of the Waterbabies but when I looked at the ingredients they were completely different and Waterbabies actually had more protectant than the kid’s version did.

VIA Coppertone Website: Coppertone Kids/ Coppertone Water Babies


If you’re on vacation or sending your kids to school for an event. You would want the type of sunscreen that will last the longest. Last year was A’s first year in prek. When they had field day only the parents were allowed to put sunscreen on their kids prior to the event.

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Now that my skin has changed over the last few years I’ve learned using an everyday sunscreen helps your skin overall. From oil-free, fragrance-free, sport and even tinted products. You can even buy beauty products that have SPF in it. If you end up forgetting to put some sunscreen on you will won’t feel guilty if you head to the beach early or even went hiking.


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You can use the same kids rands since they are geared for more sensitive skin but in case you choose to go for a more adult version these are great.

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