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The Best Hair Regrowth System For Curly Hair

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Happy almost Fall. To get the season started, Hair routines needs to change. Going from Summer hair to Fall hair is completely different. As I have been getting older my hair thinning is no joke in dealing with PCOS. Plus, being in the sun, humidity and just being outdoors your hair can go through so much, unfortunately. Thankfully I was able to discover Keranique Hair Regrowth System.

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I’ve always had issues with having my hair grow ever since I was younger. Especially, when getting my hair cut. It would literally take six months to a year for my hair to grow back to where it was previously.

I always hear about women who have PCOS and always have thinning hair but never had that issue until becoming a mom. All those months with having that strong growing hair and nails definitely do a number on your body, unfortunately. That’s why this system is great. It’s made to help regrow your hair which is something I’ve needed and loved.

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How Keranique Hair Regrowth System Works?

Firstly, each system comes in a four-step process.

Step One:The Scalp Stimulating Shampoo (add affiliate link) This shampoo is what helps with hair from thinning. It’s also pretty soapy which I’m not much used to but I love it. If you have dry hair then this shampoo is definitely for you. It helps nourish all strands of your hair.

Step Two: Volumizing Keratin Conditioner One thing I’ve noticed when using the conditioner it helps keep my hair soft but less frizzy which as having curly it is crucial. Plus this helps This Summer my hair has been uncontrollable especially after cutting my hair shorter than even this past Spring than what I previously was used to.

Step Three: Hair Regrowth Treatment The one product that helps the whole process. It helps regrow your hair. You also want to make sure you spray it in areas where you see you need help. For example, my right top side of my head has a bunch of thinning which is where I use it mostly. Using it every day even on non-wet hair days is important too.

Step Four: Lift and Repair Treatment: This helps in high humidity which is great here in New England. The best part is it be a lifesaver when it comes to preventing new damage from heat styling. This definitely is a must have for curly and wavy hair. During the Fall and Winter, you’re more likely to blow dry and even flat iron your hair straight. Plus it helps give you more volume and strength which I have definitely seen.

Thoughts on the regrow hair system

I’ve only used it for about a week so far and have seen quite a difference so I would continue using this system.

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Check it out

If you are looking for a hair regrowth system treatment, you can find it on keranique.com or in Ulta Stores nationwide.

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*Thank you Keranique, for sponsoring this post.

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