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Summer Carb Conscious Turkey Burger Kale Wraps

This post is sponsored by Jennie-O but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I’ve always been a hard burger and hot dog eater during the Summertime or really anytime you can grill. Since being on a carb-conscious lifestyle and moderate Keto diet finding things during the Summer can be hard. Carb conscious diets can be hard but also helps me know what to eat and not to eat. It is an easy way to transition my family into a better eating family. Living carb conscious has also jumpstarted my weight loss.

Eating Carb Conscious

One thing that I realized is finding things I enjoy eating and not exerting myself too much. On the Keto lifestyle, you are only supposed to consumer 30-50 carbs daily. Some days I do eat a little more based on things I eat. It does seem like a battle most days when reading the label. I never realized how many carbs are in so many things. Sometimes it makes me want to quit but I ultimately think of my goal.

That’s why I decided to dive into low carb eating for the most part. That’s when JENNIE-O® comes in. Before I moved closer North of Boston the grocery store I shopped at stopped selling a certain brand of deli meat. They started offering JENNIE-O® in its place. I had no idea until recently (when I started eating low-carb) they offered low-carb options.Jennie-O Low Carb Burgers

I was so glad to get a package filled with

1/4 lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers

1/3 lb. Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Turkey Burgers

1/3 lb. All White Turkey Burgers

Uncured Breast Franks

Even when you’re craving burgers and hot dogs JENNIE-O® can help. That’s why I decided to put together a healthy Carb Conscious Turkey Burger Kale Wrap recipe.

The one product I loved the most was their JENNIE-O®1/4 lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers which is what I used for this recipe.

If you’re full on Keto then JENNIE-O® Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Turkey Burgers would be perfect.

Turkey Burger Kale Wraps


1 box of JENNIE-O®1/4 lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers

1/4 lb of cheese or cheese slices

Bunch of Kale

1/4 cup of Italian dressing


Defrost JENNIE-O®1/4 lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers

Cook turkey burger to 165 degrees

You can add salt and pepper for taste ( these ones are already seasoned)

Once burgers are cooked ( grill or stove top) Add cheese on them

Wash kale

Place turkey burger on kale bunch

Drizzle Italian dressing on burgers

Viola. Hope you enjoy

Now it is so easy to eat well during this Summer.

Click HERE  to find out where you can purchase your own and enjoy this Summer.



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