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Simple Shorts For A Simple Price

                              Shown above:  Floral Print Challis Shorts With Trim

I should admit I’ve only shopped at Wet Seal 2x in my whole existence. The last time I walked in the store I was looking for a pair of gladiators. I saw a fashion blogger on Instagram wearing a cute pair. So, I thought I sh’all purchase online. An inkling told me to go try them on in store, just to make sure the size was okay. Boy was I right. They were so flimsy. Even though they were only $20 it was hard to make the purchase.  They wouldn’t have lasted me long. So, I went to my happy place Target and purchased the cutest black and gold pair. Lesson learned “try before you buy“.

*The name of this blog is called Thrifty Haute Mom. I will never provide you deals: fashion or beauty for yourself or family if I don’t believe in the product or service.*

I decided to give Wet Seal one more try. I’m glad I did. The store I purchased from didn’t have a plus sized section. I’m in between when it comes to specific brands. They had select shorts that were 50% off. I purchased them and a black bandeau. All for $15. All for a great bargain.

The shorts come in various prints. For the most part they run true to size. Purchasing a size bigger may be wise. The shorts that I purchased were $12.90. With the discount they came to $6.45.

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