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Quick Update On Last Night

Last night was a great night. My munchkins now fourth Halloween. He has been obsessed with dinosaurs for quite some time. I honestly thought it was a phase he was going through. Well this mama was wrong. Every time he was to watch something either on television or his (I mean my) IPad it has something to do with dinosaurs. My oh my.

I feel Halloween can be a slight over rated so we improvised. I wasn’t trying to spend $30 or more on a Halloween costume especially for a three year old. A couple weeks ago Target was having a sale on their Halloween costumes so his costume rang up to $20. I was jumping for joy. Below was the finished product. He was even able to wear a jacket over it.¬†Last Night Dinosaur Costume 1Last Night Dinosaur Costume 2Last Night Dinosaur Costume 3

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