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First Year Of Pre-K Sickness

If you haven’t noticed the scarcity here on the blog and on social media over the last week and a half. I never knew when I decided to send my toddler to pre-k part-time I would ever get so sick. I am normally the one taking care of everyone else. Over the last month I have been sick off and on. You try so hard to detain the germs at home. It can be so hard especially when your kids are at school.

I am unsure if it’s because I’m home more since I made the decision to become a stay home and blog. It seemed more sensible. Rather than being at a job I disliked and didn’t make much money at anyways. When they are as small as three and younger sometimes you just can’t beat it.  I finally had enough and decided last Friday to go to the doctors. I was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection. I suffer from asthma so the Fall/Winter can make it unbearable some years. Another reason, I had such a lousy pregnancy.

I’m not a 100% better but I can finally whip open my computer and actually type up this post means something. I will say afterwards I rushed to CVS and grabbed myself some Mucinex and Benadryl which have been working wonders.

Now that I can get back to my regular posting. If you noticed I created a Boston Buzz tab. I will be featuring Boston/New England based posts for all my local readers and also any readers looking to take a trip to this area looking for fun things to do with the family or for date nights. FYI I will only be posting personal based postings.



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