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Planning a Summer New England Style Evening Drink Bash

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Last weekend I attended a laid back party bbq. It got me thinking. July has come and will be gone in the matter of a few days. When you think of New England you think of Nautical everything. From Boston to Martha’s Vineyard. The beach is always a go to even just pizza during the Summer months. Now, when you want to have a Summer bash it’s always a great time in. The best part is, here in New England all you need is some great drinks and your all set.

Making sure you have a great setup, accessories and know how to present your drinks is what it’s all about. Who doesn’t love a pretty drink. Hosting an end of the Summer bash doesn’t need to be hard. Think of it as a laid back birthday party. The best part is you can even do it on a budget.

Cookies // Table Runner // Water Bottles // Personalized Straw Flags // Decorative Paper Straws // Mason Jar // Glass Party Cup // Champagne Flute // Mixer Sticks


What to think about when planning a drink bash:

  1. Choose a party date: Always letting your party guests know ahead of time the date is always a great idea. Plus it gives them enough time, in case they want to bring anything.
  2. Choose a drink or party theme: Think about the type of drinks you want to serve. When you think about New England you think about Nautical, beach and lobsters. A nautical theme is so neutral and the colors almost go with almost everything. You can obviously go with the standard beer or spirit, sangria, mojito and even a rum based drink. Also decide if you will be serving non alcoholic drinks. Will you have children? You might want to create a menu where you can incorporate both alcohol and non alcohol into.
  3. Drink Decor: Like I said earlier. Who doesn’t love a pretty drink. It’s all about presentation.
  4. Party Favors: Even though this is a drink bash you still want to send your guests home with some sort of goodies.
  5. Being a great host: Make sure you interact with your guests. Just like you would if it were your own wedding. Go around and mingle. Make sure everyone has a drink or treat in hand. Make sure you invite fun loving people who are great to be around. You want to keep the day, night and event going.
  6. Activities: You want to plan some type of activities for the children and adults. Ensure they have fun and keep the night going.


Do you have any party planning tips you use for the end of the Summer? What drinks do you love to drink during the Summer that you would love to see and drink?



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