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Nights out with OVU: Cirque de Soleil

I received free tickets apart of USA Family Guide’s ambassador program. Please visit my¬†Disclaimer¬†page for more details.

Let’s just say I haven’t been to a show in forever. Music, ballet or just a night out. When I heard about Cirque de Soleil’s newest show OVU I had to attend. I’ve always wanted to go to a show but never have gone. I was super close to going once in Florida.

They came to Massachusetts last year and of course it was amazing.

OVU tickets

Cirque de Soleil OVO Egg

I’m traveling to Las Vegas in November for a wedding and plan to take full advantage. I planned to attend one of their shows since I’ve never been.

This current show was all about literally an egg. “OVO” is the Portuguese meaning of egg. The show and OVO derives from the eco system and how all the animals come together and work on how they live, crawl, eat, flutter, and even play. If you really look at the egg, the two O’s represent the eyes and the V forms the nose and the antennas.

It also reminded me of the cutest love story. When the OVO mysteriously ended up in an odd place the insects had no idea what to do.

It was love at first sight between a lady bug and an insect. You find the love between a man and finding the one. It was bittersweet and reminded me kind of how my love story had started.

OVO AcrobatsOVO Love Acrobats

In between the stretching, acrobatics, swinging etc there was some amazing stunts.

You can view the schedule of showings HERE

Beginning Acrobats

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