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New Years Dress Inspiration

New Years Eve is one of those holidays you have to dress up for. There’s nothing wrong with that. If you are a mama, that makes it a date for you. Dressing up can be exhausting but its a great thing to do, especially being a mom. Anytime you really get to sneak away makes it a date. Today I am linking the top nine New Years dress inspiration to get you thinking what to wear. These are easy to wear and are quick to put together.

  1. Off Shoulder Lace Dress: Purple and sleek who wouldn’t like this off the shoulder look?
  2. Red Bodycon Dress: Bodycon dresses are my fave. Something that feels great and is stretchy is a go in my book. Bodycon dresses accentuate your figure and just flow with your body.
  3. Black Sequin Dress: For New Years, sequins are everything. Especially with this style. The way this dress goes all the way up the neck is a great feature and is also different in style.
  4. Soprano Short Sleeve Dress: This dress just flows right. Not straight and long but also not extremely short. Pairing this dress with a pair of leggings, fishnets or tights will make it look great.
  5. Colbalt Blue Off Shoulder Dress: Anyone who knows me, knows in the winter well really all year long that this is one of my fave colors. Plus with the off the shoulder it takes away from the belly area.
  6. Brown Velvet Dress: Who knew velvet would be back? This dress is simple but the velvet really makes it work.
  7. Black Body Con: Another body on dress on this list. I just love how this dress doesn’t even look like a body con. The style is simple and can be worn anywhere really.
  8. Women’s Round Neck Dress: This one is a classic.
  9. Sequin Short Sleeve: This dress is one of my favorite sequined. The way it falls and drops is completely darling.




  1. Claire Talks Beauty
    December 24, 2016 / 12:28 PM

    Love the sequin one! So beautiful amd chic

    • Jalisa
      December 24, 2016 / 7:37 PM

      Me too. The gold sequin one is super cute.

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