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My name is Jalisa Harris and I am a 29-year-old Boston based mom, wife and what you would call a Millennial. I also recently received a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations. I’m glad I get to use it one way or another with this website.

On the daily, you can catch me living the #momlife while living in leggings, letting my curly hair down and a cup of hot coffee while working on this blog.

I started this blog formerly Thrifty Haute Mom in 2016 after becoming a toddler mom. It’s been a way to serve as a creative outlet for me and like-minded moms around. I recently rebranded into jalisaharris.com as I felt like I was growing out of being just a mom and all in all just looking to live a simpler life. I love to write about all things parenting, easy recipes, lifestyle, motherhood and mom style. I hope to inspire others that come across here.

I live just North of Boston with my five-year-old and my husband.

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Jalisaharris.com is a lifestyle blog meant to keep life simple. Keep momming simple even during this modern the easy way. I want to show every mom you have your own identity with practical style, easy recipes and personal experiences, favorite products and travels the simple way while navigating motherhood with an ADHD toddler.

I enjoy collaborating with great brands that connect with their target customers as well as my audience that will set them up with living a simple but practical life.


I’m Dominican American. I love my culture, the food and everything that comes with it. My husband even loves it almost as much as me.

Jalisa & Dwayne

*Disclaimer: I am not a parenting, style or lifestyle professional. Any Fashion/Style/ Beauty/ or trend advice that I may display on this blog are of my own finding.

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