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Lifestyle Changes For PCOS

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This is for all the women and mamas out there.

Dealing with PCOS

PCOS can feel awful when you don’t know how to control your symptoms. I’ve been struggling with my weight since giving birth to A, no matter what I do. Now that I’ve been thinking of adding another little to my family soon within the next couple years; I’ve been getting serious about keeping my health on track and keeping my lifestyle as healthy as I can.

Being healthy during any pregnancy is important. What mom doesn’t want to be healthy when they have two littles or even just having your first.

Kickstarting Your Lifestyle

1. Getting new workout gear.

THESE  sneakers are so comfy and are a duper for Nike and LOVE these leggings.

2. Taking the right vitamins.

They always say to start using prenatals at least six months before trying to conceive. If you can anyways.

3. Eating a more sustainable diet.

Making it a lifestyle choice. I’ve read how Keto is great for women with PCOS. Tweaking it a bit would help. Consuming 800 calories a day would be hard for me. Previously I had tried a similar lifestyle but I took in 1200 calories and restricted sugar. I was able to lose 45 pounds within a year. For someone with PCOS that is amazing for that amount of time.

4. Not comparing myself to others.

There are times where I look at old photos of how I used to look and would feel depressed. Then I thought back to when I was in high school I was 20 pounds less and felt like I looked too skinny. When I lose this weight I lose I know I will look even different. Your body just changed after childbirth.

5. Don’t beat myself up when I have a setback.

It happens. A few months back I stopped my medications I was on to help lose weight since I have PCOS and all that hard work I did this past Summer was gone. I gained back 10 pounds. It was a setback but doesn’t define me.

Tell me. Is there anything that helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle.


  1. March 5, 2018 / 10:02 PM

    I haven’t been diagnosed with PCOS but I have lots of similar symptoms and can relate to these health struggles.I’m bad at it but the not comparing is so important! I’ve been working hard to stay hydrated and include active time that I enjoy.

    • Jalisa
      March 6, 2018 / 10:08 AM

      Good for you. I hope you have a positive fitness and health journey.

  2. March 8, 2018 / 11:42 AM

    PCOS was such a hard diagnosis for me to receive. When I read other peoples stories online it really help me come to terms with it. Thank you for sharing lovely x

    • Jalisa
      March 8, 2018 / 12:47 PM

      Thanks so much. It really is and the worst part is there’s no cure all you can do is manage it. It’s always great to hear people who have really succeeded with it.

  3. April 4, 2019 / 10:01 AM

    Thanks for being vulnerable. My daughter has PCOS and I know how hard it is. Me, I’m studying yoga but I really struggle with body image and can’t bring myself to be photographed on my mat yet!

    • Jalisa
      April 4, 2019 / 10:03 AM

      Hi Marya. I can totally relate. After having my son I’ve struggled with body image issues and can be such a struggle at times. Sending you positive vibes your way for you and your daughter. 🌷✌🏼

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