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July 4th Snack Ideas For The Last Minute Planner

This post has been sponsored by Stop & Shop. All opinions are my own.

July 4th Simple Snack Table - Jalisa Harris

These July 4th snack ideas work great for the last minute planner! Just like me.

If I’ve realized anything over the last five years; I am no Martha Stewart. I am an official Pinterest fail mom and I am okay with that. I’m all about easy and simple, especially during the holidays. Summer’s are made to entertain friends and family so, since moving into a brand new home this past Winter I am aiming to do just that. ENTERTAIN! I look forward to being able to show you all more about this. That is why for this July 4th I put together this snack table filled with simple and tasty snacks everyone can enjoy. Plus if you are a last minute planner you will definitely love this one. Stop & Shop has been a great contender when putting together last minute ideas. They’re a one-stop shop for us. From decor, treats, groceries and even personal items.

Patriotic snack treats

There are a few things to think about when planning to host July 4th or any Summer holiday. These 5 elements are so easy especially when you are planning a last-minute outing.


You always get the best compliments when you have the decor to match the holiday. Even if it is just a plain color. I loved snagging paper straws, table cloth, colored paper plates and utensils and even matching toothpicks.


I love picking up seasonal goodies. goes wild for them.

July 4th Kids Snacks

Salty Favorites

I’m the chips and dip queen when it comes to family functions. Ironically I’ve never tried out Heluva Good! So I opted to start with that and Philadelphia Cream Cheese Buffalo dip which both taste amazing. I’ve heard so many good things about both of these dips so I am so glad I added them to this snack table. Plus when you are literally a last minute person throwing together a dip may not be first on your mind. Purchase one you love.

Patriotic Chips & Heluva Good! Dip

Patriotic Chips & Dip Table

Healthier Options

I always make sure I try to cater to everyone. Everyone has their own health journey. Last Summer, when I was on lazy Keto I would have this as dessert and loved it. I still do so adding in some great healthy options is great. Like fruit and cool whip.

July 4th healthy fruit dip


As with healthier options, I always aim for healthier drinks as well. Sparkling water is such a great option. The flavors are honestly endless. Also if you have the kids around as do I all the time, offering some type of juice they will love is important to. I’m all for less sugar when we can so watering juice down works just as good with sparkling water. Plus you can create your favorite punch with flavored sparkling water and juice. So it’s a win-win for everyone.

Simple Holiday Drink Bar

My favorite punch I enjoy is cherry limeade with a splash of some type of lemonade. This will definitely be a contender for July 4th.


  1. Cherry Sparkling Water
  2. Simply Limeade

  3. Simply Light Raspberry Lemonade

  4. Ice

  5. Fresh fruit for garnish


Pour in ice into cup

Pour 1/4 of can into cup

Pour in 1/4 cup of limeaide

Pour in 1/4 of Raspberry Lemonade

Add in another part of cherry sparkling water

Top with fruit


Iced Cherry Limeaide Mocktail

After I decided on everything I needed, I headed to my local Stop & Shop to purchase all of the items. The best part is; I spent just under $100 at my local Stop & Shop which is such a steal. From the July 4th decor to all these snack and drink ideas to serve. Even after moving to a new town I still prefer my local Stop & Shop. I’ve always loved the convenience they offered but also what they offer.

They always end up with the best deals on their seasonal items, BOGO offers every week, deli kiosk where I can shop while they prepare everything and even their organic section. I’m not really a planner so; I am all about having a one-stop shop around me since I am always on the go especially with a little one. Plus they are open late.

Don’t forget to grab your July 4th essentials from your local Stop & Shop.


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