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How we’re keeping good health this Fall

This is a sponsored post in partnership with CATALO and The Motherhood. 


A is a very active five-year-old. That means he’s all about running around. Indoor and outdoor. Plus we’re always on the go to help get rid of his energy naturally. Like any other five year old! That’s why each season we try and change up certain supplements to help keep his immune system and overall health in tip-top shape. Especially since we vacation 2x during a two-month span in December and February.

Because the Fall kickstarts a busy start of the year I always want to make sure he stays in tip-top shape as much as he can.

Since we live in New England the weather can be iffy which means that there is no telling if you get good Fall weather or Winter Fall weather. That’s why staying in good health is always what every mom wants. Especially when it comes to schooling.

Fall Health With CATALO

We normally use supplements since doesn’t like to eat much meat. (he says he’s a veterinarian). My husband and I want to make sure he is getting the essentials he needs especially when being so selective about what he eats.

Why We Use CATALO For His Health


For the past 2-3 months, I have been using CATALO DHA Products for A. I love how their products meet nutrition needs at every stage of life. From pregnancy, baby and children. SO you know exactly what they are getting from before birth. Plus their products do not contain any chemicals, synthetic additives and they are suitable for daily supplementation of nutrition. This also means that he can continue using their products for long-term use. Not just for his current age group like other supplements are. 

I also love how they are offered in a chewable softgel. So I’m not worrying about how much sugar is in a gummy form, and to him he doesn’t even realize they are two different things.

Here a couple of my favorite CATALO Products

CATALO Health DHA Lutein

CATALO DHA Supplements

CATALO Children’s DHA Formula

This one comes in a chewable softgel which is great. doesn’t like that chalky taste of a chewable. This promotes eye & brain development, supports learning ability and even eye function. As they get older they can even choose to swallow this version if they aren’t to keen on a chewable.

CATALO Vegetarian Children’s DHA + Omega 3 Formula

This vegetarian soft gel is a great prenatal supplement. These softgels are more smaller so it’s easier to consume. It’s made from non-GMO microalgae by patented technology to provide a plant source of life’s DHA™ and even comes with no fishy taste. 

CATALO Children’s DHA IQ Fish Formula (Lutein Added)

This comes in chewable Strawberry flavored softgels. It also includes added ™FloraGLO lutein for extra protection of the eyes. They offer 200mg DHA per serving for children’s brain & eye development which is great for the little ones. This formula provides 1.2mg Lutein per serving extracted from U.S. Patented ™FloraGLO Marigold extract to protect eyes from free radicals and blue light.

Are you thinking of starting your child on supplements? Which one would you choose?

All products are natural health supplement. Not for medical use. Shall not imply or use any word such as ‘cure, dosage, prevent, diagnose, treat, etc



  1. November 1, 2018 / 7:11 PM

    i’ll have to ask my son’s doctor about this!

  2. November 1, 2018 / 7:45 PM

    I need to pass this info on to my daughter that has a daughter that is a year old. It is good for her to go ahead and have a plan on what ways she will use to help her build her daughter’s immune health. This is a great area to bring attention to

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