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How To Reduce Under Eye Circles

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For all the fellow moms out there. As an adult skin care is important. You always look back and think; wow I should have done this or tried this other product to help my acne or skin. One thing I will admit is under eyes. That’s always an issue. Puffiness runs in my family so I’m always trying to figure out how to reduce them one way or the other. Then comes in dark circles. You can never give it up. To top it off I had a baby a few years back so my sleep schedule will never be the same. Welp, let’s just say; everything hit the dust.Now that I am in my late 20’s taking care of my skin is essential. Also trying to get enough sleep every night is something that we all need but we never get.

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Have you ever tried using under eye masks?  They are everything you need and are a huge help. You also get to soothe your under eyes, hydrate and depuff while helping your dark circles. They are basically a two in one product. They help with your under eye puffiness and dark circles. A girl’s best friend. They also are less time-consuming than a lot of other beauty remedies are.  With the holidays coming up soon you know we all need these. In between ootd’s, running around after the littles and entertaining you want to look your best.


5 Tips to reduce dark circles

  1. Cleanse and moisturize daily.
  2. Refrigerate eye masks. It gives you a gel like feeling and also the best results you can receive.
  3. Use eye masks in a non stressful environment: After you put the kids to bed, after you get work done, dinner is prepped and cleaned up.
  4. Wear up to 8 hours for maximum results.
  5. Just relax.

As a busy mom using these I masks were super easy to use. I would pop them on at night during work time and any blogging time and voila. I will say and I could see a difference. I’m sure if I purchased another box I could see even more of a difference.

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