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Encouraging your little ones during Hispanic Heritage Month With Nick Jr.

This post is in partnership with Nick Jr.Hispanic Heritage Month & Nick Jr

As a little girl my grandmother always sang me the pollito song. I always remembered it so it was only natural to sing it to my son once he was born. Even now at five years old he always asks me to sing it to him so he’s able to fall asleep. I was so excited, a while back when I saw the pollito book at our bookstore. It’s one book A constantly wants to read before bedtime. Plus, I’m all for it.

Growing up I always had my grandmother so she would always speak to me in Spanish. Hence, by the time I was 12 I could fluently understand everything she was saying. By the time A was born she had moved back to Dominican Republic and was very ill. She just passed last year so looking back, I enjoy all those times she would speak to me in Spanish. Now that A is getting older I want him to get that experience even without her here. Especially, where he is mixed I want to instill his Hispanic heritage as much as I can.

Canticos’ bilingual classic nursery rhymes

Hispanic Heritage Month With Canticos on Nick Jr

Canticos on Nick Jr. pairs classic nursery rhymes from all over the Spanish-speaking world with adorable animal characters to create educational music videos. Kids can learn simple vocabulary words, numbers, the days of the week, and more, in English and Spanish. The best part is they have the pollito song and it’s even translated to English at the end. You can enjoy Canticos on the free Nick Jr. app and their YouTube channel.

When they are young, their brain is like they say “ a sponge” so they remember everything. Hence how I still remember the Pollito Song years later and I am 29. Canticos helps encourage the kids to speak and sing in Spanish without even realizing it. Plus these musical videos are so cute so it just makes your little one want to get up and dance or sing to each song.

If you’ve never heard the Pollito song watch a clip of the video below.

Hispanic Heritage 2

Don’t forget Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated between September 15 and October 15.

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