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Great Wine Assortments

This post has been sponsored. Please read my My parents were the ones who got me started when it came to wine. My dad is more of a Roscato man but will go head and pick something else out if we are out for a special occasion. My mom on the other hand she likes the fruity drinks. Every holiday season I always get something them to enjoy.

After becoming a mom wine just became my go to drink. It’s also been more convenient and affordable when drinking socially or making an easy drink at home. If you’re looking to learn more about different wines and what they are all about, where they come from and where to purchase them from check these different types of wines out.

This 15 bottle assortment is a great deal for anyone wanting to try out a great wide assortment. This would also make a great gift purchase with wedding season around the corner. Plenty of bridal showers, home gifts and ways to crafts your own wine drinks.



If your just starting out or one looking for a smaller package starting off with the six bottle package is just for you. Since my husband doesn’t drink wine this six bottle package for the Winter would work amazing for me. I’ve even hinted to him to purchase me a wine subscription since I have a subscription box for almost everything.

If you love traveling or boast on traveling then Barclays 12 award-winning wines would go great for any occasion. Crafting the different types of wine exclusively made from France, Spain, California, and Chile, and two Gold Medal-winners from Italy. Each of these packages are at a great deal all together.


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