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Getting Through Those Busy Days

* I received a complimentary pair of ONVOCAL headphones to help facilitate this post. This post may contain affiliate links. If you shop from my blog I will receive a small commission. Please read disclaimer page for more info. I only work with brands I love. Thank you for supporting this blog. 

As a busy mom of one running around each day I have to stay things can get disorganized without even knowing it. From mom duties, cooking, cleaning, blogging and having the time to spend with A and my husband equally can definitely put a damper on things sometimes.

Being able to find the comfort of technology to organize your time and life, can be easy but also discouraging. You’re never sure what to get. Especially when you’re a busy mama like me where I juggle everything during the day. Finding a great product that can help as a wahm/sahm mom is always a plus. Half the time I mostly blog from my phone since never thinks I am actually working from there. As soon as he sees me get on my laptop that’s a wrap.

The Best Everyday Item

OnVocal Headphones

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If you’re in the market for a great headset that will help those wahm/sahm duties this one is it.

A few key features:

  • Alexa compatible: You can pair these with Alexa and have everything synced. How easy is that?
  • It’s a headset and phone system in one. The ear tips are incredibly comfy. One issue I always have with headsets. They’re never comfortable on my ears so I don’t last long using them.
  • Audio Entertainment: 3.5mm input jack for plug into movies on flights, PC’s and game consoles. If you’re one who travels this is a great option as well.
  • You can use them for 8+ hours a day. I normally blog 4-6 hours a day on and off throughout the day. When isn’t around these are perfect to use. Especially when you really want to concentrate.
  • Chat Mode: You have a chat mode option on these. Create your own custom soundscapes by mixing Audio, Ambient and Voice settings; then save presets in the OV app. And skip the awkward earbud fumble when a colleague or friend approaches you while you’re enjoying music on OV by using Chat Mode which lowers your audio volume and increases Ambient and Voice levels.
  • They’re under $200. You know you’re not getting a cheap headset for this price. It’s a legit real thing here.

They’re not like other headsets. If you want to be discreet they can be.

What would you use these for?

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