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Feelings as a first time kindergarten mom

For some kindergarten can feel as it did with pre-k especially if your little one went for their first two years. Since A has always been a busybody since he turned two, then being diagnosed with ADHD having him in a school setting is essential. As the last two years flew by I never sat down and thought my baby is actually growing up. Since he’s still an only child right now I’m sure it would be different if he wasn’t. I’m sure it doesn’t get any easier for any other mom out there. Being a first-time mom with a kiddo in kindergarten is not easy. Feelings never get easy.

First Day Of Kindergarten Letterboard


feelings as a first time kindergarten mom

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After, A being in kindergarten for over 2 weeks, I finally broke down. Watching him walk into school with his big backpack and lunchbox and I’m like why? My feelings just came flooding in. I had tears just rushing down my cheeks unable to control myself. My heart almost broke into pieces.

I was so used to him being home by 11am that being at school until 2:40 was literally so lonely. Part-time pre-k can really get to you. By 12pm I’m ready to go pick him up. Then most of the parents know each other so it wasn’t like venting on someone would be okay or help. Plus I heard about the parents/grandparents etc who would feel the same as me but weeks and months earlier and I was just like; what’s the big deal?

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Being able to send your child off into the world can be so scary. Instead of them learning from you, they are now learning and being influenced by others. From all those scary social events, now knowing everything may be okay. It’s a learning curve for both of you. Then adding in a child with ADHD. Trusting in yourself is one of the most important things. I’m sure that’s why every parent ends up getting so emotional.


So to every mama out there. You are not alone. Cry if you need to. Reach out to other mama bears and see how they’re doing? Text, INSTA, FB, Facetime or an old-fashioned call. Just let them know, you’re not alone and things will be better.


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