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Faves from New From Drew at Walmart

My Favorite finds from New From Drew at Walmart are a definite must-have this Spring and Summer

With Spring here I’ve been on the hunt for some great but different home items since moving in. When I came across the great styles that Walmart has had I was shocked. So I went on their website and found out Drew Barrymore has partnered with them and has a new collection called New From Drew at Walmart. It’s a collection; display your love of life with eclectic decor.

That is why I decided to round up my top 16 favorite finds from this small vintage collection.

Favorites from New From Drew at Walmart Pin

1. Ceramic Ombré Side Table

2. Pink Ceramic Side Table Lamp

3. Abstract Table Vase Set

4.  World Map Of Flowers

5. Oval Wall Mirror

6. Terracotta Vase

7. Vintage Marble Dinnerware Set

8. Watercolor Comforter Set

9. Vintage Marble Shower Curtain

10. Round Wall Shelf

11. Botanical White Frame Set

12. Flamingo Lake Frame

13. Pendant Light

14. Book Ends

15. Velvet Pillow

16. Ceramic Candle Holder

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