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DC Comic Inspired Halloween Costumes

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The end of September is here which means October is just about to roll around.The temperatures are finally dimming down this week here in Massachusetts. With October coming and going Halloween flies by. Now that is four and he is starting to get into the feel of all things Fall. He gets overly excited for everything. Last year is when he started to understand the gist of things which made me a proud mama. This year we’re planning a Halloween bash for A‘s friends from school. This calls for everyone dressing up for Halloween.

dc comics costumes


​Women’s Bat Girl Costume | ​ Mens Dark Night | ​ Joker Dark Night | ​ Justice League Costume | ​ Bat Girl Deluxe | Harley Quinn | Suicide Squad | Boy’s Robin Costume | Boy’s Dark Night | DC Comics | Superman

has been obsessed with all things Batman. Of course we will be dressing according to him for this most part. I haven’t shopped for a Halloween costume in forever. I’ve always dressed A in the cutest costume. Some Halloween shops can be so expensive. Other’s will have sales which you always need to look for.




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