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Creating a cheese board with Mahón-Menorca 

cheese board final

Happy Sunday friends. The New Year is coming in full force. That means I’m always trying to find something remotely healthy. Why not start with a cheese board. I used to always think it was so hard to create one. Seeing all those beautiful Instagram cheese boards. So I decided to create my own with Mahón-Menorca from Spain which is my dads fave.

Mahón-Menorca is a hard but soft Spain cheese that is made based out of cows milk. It’s a super creamy but sharpish cheese that is great for almost anything. Like, soup, pasta, and those festive events.

simple cheese board

Creating a cheese board

  1. Set down your bamboo board
  2. Choose your meats. Cheese and meat go hand and hand which I love.
  3. Cut up the finest cheese. I love using Mahón-Menorca  cheese board beginning
  4. Add some other type of protein like nuts/cashews.cheese board 2nd step
  5. The wine. Pairing with a great red wine keeps the cheese board flowing. As well as the function. cheese board final
  6. Voila your cheese board is done.cheese board final wine
I was provided samples of Mahon Menorca Cheese to help facilitate this cheese board.

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