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Countdown To The 2018 New Year

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Happy almost 2018. I can’t believe how quick Christmas came and gone. Like seriously. I will admit I shut down my social media and didn’t post much on that day. I decided to observe the holiday for my baby and husband.

Every year you sit back and decide to create New Years resolutions. A lot of them can be the same. Lose weight, exercise more. get out of debt. I decided to change my outlook as well as I have for this blog. If you noticed things changed a bit around here. I posted less pic wise and created more lifestyle, style and food content. I also had decided to be more in front of the camera and I definitely did.

Now for my New Years resolution. For the blog: continue to create content that everyone will love but also feature personal findings and not think about what others will think. Fashion, food and motherhood have all been what everyone seems to love. As I did this over the past year I was able to make an income and feel more happy/better about myself. I was astounded how others loved my quick food recipes/drinks, toddler/kids posts and fashion.

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I have so many more posts but these ones really trended. Personally I just want to create more of a community within the blog and social media outlets. I also just want to change my lifestyle.

My always go to resolutions:

Losing weight with PCOS can be so hard. Especially when you want to have another little one. Changing my habits will definitely make a difference as it was this past Summer.

Debt: Now that I have finished my last semester of college student loans will be starting up. As a stay at home mom that can be stressful. Finding little things you can do will definitely help.


  • ibotta: You can make money back after grocery shopping.
  • ebates: Who doesn’t love to earn cash back when shopping?
  • Freelance: When my blog isn’t making money then freelancing definitely will help.

The list could honestly go on.

In retrospect I hope you love following along, reading and benefiting from everything.


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