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Clean Car With Kids! Tips To Clean Less!

This post is sponsored by Armor All but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

How was your start to the official holiday season? Catching up and Fall cleaning is all we’ve been doing. That also means Fall cleaning our vehicle. If you have been following along for a while now you know me and my husband share a car. This means we take extra good care of it. Keeping anything clean with kids these days is HARD! That even means your car. Having a clean car with kids can be hard ya’ll. We went from a sedan to a small SUV. I was excited when I realized we were going from fabric to leather interior. I thought it would be such a great choice. Keeping a clean car is one thing. Then adding the kiddos to the mix is like asking your husband to clean before having kids. I have found things on the back seat interior I never thought I would find.

We’re always looking for those simple tips when it comes to being a mom, dad or even a surrogate aunt/ uncle. Kids make messes. That is why making easy ways to keep things on a smooth is so important. Especially for us. I’ve been reading so many ADHD books and have learned so much about having an ADHD child. Like, they tend to be messier. I always thought it was just A. But apparently it happens with a lot of kids. Like when I just cleaned and vacuumed our SUV and welp it’s a hot mess again. My least favorite thing to do is cleaning my car. Now that I have a child things can get messy so quick. That's why these keeping your car clean with kids tips are so important. Plus we love using Armor All for all our cleaning needs.

Getting your car detailed can be expensive. Especially when you’re on an affordable/ budget lifestyle. Even with the least expensive package. That’s why today I’m so happy to be talking all things Armor All.

First things first: To keep a clean car with kids these tips are a must!

  1. I discovered if you clean as you go it becomes easier. This can actually be so hard when you are on the go. The easiest things really are! Especially when you’re caring for another human being.
  2. Get rid of trash
  3. Get car bins/organizers
  4. Armor All: Armor All is always that brand you see at the car wash and detail centers. It’s only natural to use it when you’re cleaning your car at home. Keeping it in your car is a MUST! You never know when you will need. Since I’m a BIG on affordability I get my Armor All on AMAZON! Plus who doesn’t love PRIME! It comes in a three-pack: which includes Protectant, Glass, and Cleaning Wipes. Literally, everything you need to keep those dirty seats and windows clean of sticky fingers.


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How do you keep your car clean with kiddos!




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