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Celebrating A’s Fifth Birthday

A couple weekends ago we celebrated A’s fifth birthday. You would think I would be in all tears but I actually managed to be myself. It’s A’s last year of toddlerhood. In the Fall A will be entering full day kindergarten. We’re trying to get him ready socially and school wise.

What To Do For A Fifth Birthday Party?

Every year we literally have been throwing pool birthday parties for A’s birthday celebrations. This year we did the same and we were so glad that the weather decided to cooperate. Birthday Party Backyard Pic

Black Tank

The perfect birthday addition

We were able to rent a bouncy house which is what every kid thinks is the best on their birthday. The best part was that this company is able to print out certain themes. They just so happen to have a Jurassic Park theme bouncy from Busy Bee Jumpers.

Jurassic Birthday Bouncy House They literally had themes from Dora, Jurassic Park to Avengers for a decent price. We kept the house for a full 24 hours so it was a little more expensive but it was worth it. We don’t normally splurge on things like these so we felt like it was okay. They have packages starting at $180.

Birthday Cake

If you have been following along you know dinosaursare a huge thing in our family. Since A had been three years old he discovered Jurassic World and that was a wrap. Since then he’s been obsessed so we try and take him to almost any Dinosaur attraction or amusement park we can. Last year we had a real low key Jurassic World theme. Since the new movie is coming out long behold there are new themes. Which even for cakes they were new. We could only find the new theme at our local Big Y and so glad we did.

A’s birthday cake

The Ultimate Birthday PresentJurassic Park Power Wheels Birthday

A few days later on his actual birthday he celebrated his moving on ceremonyto kindergarten.

Striped Top | Green Military Jacket | Kids White Polo

Hope you all have a great weekend


A’s Fifth Birthday Theme

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