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Cars.com The Best One Stop Shop

This is a sponsored post through Cars.com. All opinions are of my own.  Read my disclaimer for more information.


Car shopping can be so stressful especially, when having children. When you’re in the position where you already have kids and need to go car shopping you want to find a place that you can trust. Not a whole in the wall place where you purchase a car and a couple of weeks later and your breaks down. With this economy we all can’t afford brand new cars. Ya know.

My first semester at University I remember when I needed a car right a week before I started and it was so hard to find a car. Lets just say I purchased a second hand 1998 Kia Sportage car from a second hand dealership. A month in the alternator blew, the wiring for the headlights fried and my tires blew right on the highway from driving from my now husbands parents home. Sometimes I miss that car. Definitely the 4×4 and the space but that’s about it.

Now it’s all about space, comfort and safety since I have a child.

Cars.com has so many options. You can read reviews from new cars, used, pre owned, service offers and more. Being able to find a car from your location, mileage just your very own preference is a ?? in my book really.

Now a day it’s about driving in style at a great price. Our friends at Cars.com always have you covered. You can now even talk with a specialist which is great. Nothing like before. Their whole site has transformed into a one stop shop for everything no matter what budget your on. What about that.

Next time your on the lookout for your vehicle why wouldn’t you want to get the best. Even if you are looking for second hand. At least you know you’ll be getting it from an expert.


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