Home ¬Ľ Being a Millennial Latina Mom of an ADHDer is hard!

Being a Millennial Latina Mom of an ADHDer is hard!

Being a Millennial Latina Mom of an ADHDer is hard!

Millennial Latina!

Something we hear as a mom! Motherhood is hard!!

No doubt about that! I’m a Millennial and sometimes we get lost in the shuffle or get the YOU’RE SO LAZY!!. Always having to prove yourself. Then adding in being a Latino or Latina. But, I’m also a Millennial who also comes from a Bilingual family. Being bilingual has many advantages and disadvantages to some. Language, culture and food-loving skills. Growing up I never knew the term Multicultural until high school when taking up Spanish class. Instead, it was either you are white, black or Hispanic. Nothing in between! Now as a Latina mom of an ADHDer it’s a different ball field.

Jalisa Harris -Being a Millennial Latina Mom of an ADHDer is hard!

Now that I am a mom myself to a multicultural child I think often how much has changed. My husband is black and white which makes my son black, white and Hispanic. Something to embrace right? We both came from different backgrounds which means we also had different values.

As a Millennial mom these days you get bashed for the smaller things breastfeeding, discipline etc. Being a Latina growing up I had my grandmother for quite some time. I learned to understand Hispanic culture more. My mother in law sometimes chuckles like when I tell her to put butter on her face after a fall. You also have grown up with different values which may not be what this Millennium is looking for.

Growing up you learn to respect your parents as a Latino/a. The earlier Millennial generation still has no handle on this. I’ve seen before motherhood how many kids go from 0-100 or when they’re not with their parents how (thuggish) they feel they can act 🙄

Having an ADHD child as a Latina Millennial Mom can be a struggle

Jalisa Harris -Lowell Spinners Game Home of the Boston Red Sox

Having a child with ADHD can be finicky. They don’t have the same mentality as a child their age. So, sometimes it’s hard to discipline. Then you hear from an older relative how they would discipline them if it was their child 🙄. Earlier this Summer I learned A has short term memory which is why he is on an IEP since his learning can be delayed. Teaching him and disciplining him is different compared to a normal kid. It’s all about positive reinforcement. Growing up you never really knew Hispanic parents of kids who had some type of disability. It was more about disciplining them in a non-traditional way that would get them to be where they needed to.

Jalisa Harris - As a Millennial Latina Mom

It’s all about a balance when it comes motherhood, being a Latina, Millennial and having a child with ADHD. If you are a parent of an ADHDer or Latina mom of an ADHDer have you seen that your parenting is a different style than others?



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