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Bedtime routine tips for busy toddlers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.

bedtime toddler routine with Sposie

Bedtime can be such a battle some nights and others can be perfect. I’ve had my share when A would go down so easy then wake me up due to peeing the bed. Then other times he would sleep fine but, it would be such a struggle to get him to bed. For any mom or dad you already know what that can be like. Literally, like all the toddler memes you see floating around. Since we all struggle at some point or another I decided to share my top five tips on how to set up a bedtime routine for even the most rambunctious toddler.

toddler bedtime routines with Sposie

Bedtime Routine Tips For Busy Toddlers

  1. Serve dinner early so they have a little time to play before going to bed.
  2. Bathtime: is such a fish. He loves taking a bath. Even more, than I enjoy giving him. Even add lavender oils to the bath to help ease them and start settling down.
  3. Storytime. Kids love books before they can even read. Plus tends to be apt to read along with me at this point.
  4. Sing along: There is this one song loves me to sing to him, even since he was a baby. Ironically my mom used to sing me the same song.
  5. Stop leaks by using diaper booster pads. Thank you for Sposie Diaper Booster Pads for making life so much easier. This helps the process of them not getting used to sleeping in their own bed. If you do that, it could eventually lead to leaky spills in your own bed. I’ve had the issue of running into our bed and basically peeing in our bed. We were then left with our sheets and mattress becoming soaked. If you nip it when they are smaller it would be a smoother ride. Sposie is such a great to use. It’s literally a pad you can put in their diaper, pull up or just in between their sheets. Something that is so helpful. A sleeps in such a small spot so it helps tremendously.

bedtime routines with sposie

Why you need diaper boosters for bedtime?

If you have a bedwetter Sposie booster pads are essential. went through this phase where it didn’t matter if he went two or three hours of no drinking liquids or eating before bedtime he would still manage to wet the bed. Plus just like with diapers you always want to find something that you can trust. Especially where no matter what diapers can be expensive. Plus they are so great when traveling or just being on the go. Who knows if you have an emergency and need to sleep out etc.

You can still get the best at a great price

Sposie has been rated 5 stars with over 4,000 reviews which is always great to hear. Plus you can find Sposie Bedtime Boosters at your local Walmart, Target and of course Amazon. Check your local store locator HERE.

busy toddler bedtime routine tips


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