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ADHD: A letter to my four year old

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My local shopping trip to our nearest mall few weeks ago made me realize, my toddler really isn’t that bad. Even when his ADHD is at its highest most days.

A couple Fridays ago the shopping center was having a kids concert I decided to take A to. It was way to congested so we decided to the kids corner side instead. Of course other parents thought the same way. We weren’t the only ones there either. I was finishing up a blog post when all of sudden I hear screaming and crying. I instantly thought my son was the one fighting.

I look up and there he was punching away with another boy with a little girl in between them. She was the sister of the other boy.

As all the other parents were just looking around and did nothing I was in shock. Is this real life? I felt like I was in high school and I was the principal. I can’t imagine when I have another.

At first I thought it was all A. Then the boys mom came up and she pointed out it was all him, plus his sister putted him out. His mom was running around chasing after her third baby.

At home he acts completely different and is always jumping up and down. Literally off the wall. Sometimes he gets to the point he becomes overstimulated so he’s just all over the place. Some may mistake that as misbehaving whereas it’s just his ADHD at its highest.

Back three and half years ago my husband and I moved from my hometown and in with my in laws. In between my job I had and life I had no time to go to play dates. Around where we live you have to drive at least 20-30 minutes for play dates.

Sending A to pre-k I was able to befriend one mom. Now that I’m an official stay at home mom I do have more time to spend getting to know other moms in my area hopefully. Hence why I decided to throw a kids Halloween bash this year.

Moral of my story moms even at the smaller ages your child acts complete different outside rather than inside the home. A always be yourself and you will shine no matter what.

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