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5 Reasons To Always Have Natural Bath Products On Hand

Now that A is in the last year of his toddler years being a mom has opened my eyes up when using certain products in our home. Using natural-based products whenever I can is so important to myself and my family.

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I have become more health conscious for myself, son and family overall. I’m always on a hunt to switch up my bath and hair routine constantly. Especially having curly Latina hair. It can feel like my life is a mess when my hair will not cooperate. Being able to find things that will work with your lifestyle is important.

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1. Swap out natural based products you will use

Just because you want to try the latest trend isn’t always the best. Will you actually use it? Since natural based soap, hair products and cosmetics tend to cost more making sure you are purchasing the right products is essential. Start off with products you will actually use daily. Like, cleaning products, beauty if you tend to use makeup multiple times per week. I’ve currently dived into natural based products that will help with my hair and skin.

2. A great place to start is the bathroom.

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Your skin is the most important. Especially to me anyways. “My mom always says I have the best genes when it comes to my skin”. Aside from having the worst under eye bags aside from the Summer. ( My freckles and tan always cover it up)

3. Look at all the ingredients

Not all products are alike. Like anything else just because it states “all natural” doesn’t mean it is. It may contain natural; ingredients but it also can contain other ingredients. So, it literally throws off the whole product. Plus you want to be able to pronounce the ingredients in the products you use in your everyday life.

4. Do your research

Sample each product if you can. I’ve had an allergic reaction to Vetiver essential oils. It was too much to rub on my skin but could withstand in a diffuser.

5. Like the commercial “love the skin you’re in”.

I started to use Dr. Jacobs Naturals . Dr. Jacobs Naturals offers a soap bar and liquid soap. The best part is, the liquid soap can be used in your hair as well. I don’t currently use it in my hair. My hair is curly and I can only use certain types of products in it. But, for someone whose hair isn’t so sensitive, this product would be perfect to use.

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