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5 Educational Activities To Do After School

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October is rolling around which means A has been in preschool for just about a month and your littles May have been in school for even more. The holidays will be coming and going and then bam the New Year will be here.


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How has your little one transitioned?

A is on an IEP so his days may be a bit different from another child’s. Some days can be erratic whereas others he may be cranky to just an angel. It really varies. Doing fun things before and after school is what keeps him on his toes.He goes Monday-Friday 8am-10:45 which is perfect for him.

Being able to do outside activities helps him tremendously and settles him throughout the day. This has helped him settle at a new school also. His old prek closed last Summer so our city ended up transitioning into a new building which houses elementary and preschool children. I rounded up 5 activities you can do at home even after they come home.

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5 educational activities to do at home after school that are fun

Using a technology: Oh the wonder of technology. Even toddlers know how to maneuver themselves throughout a cell phone. A has been obsessed with my iPad even though he has his own Amazon Kids Kindle. The kindle has an amazing feature that is catered by age and you even get to monitor their time.

Make a craft: The holidays are soon to approach which is the best time to start crafting.

Clean: You would be surprised how much littles are more apt to clean. We purchased a Junior Dirt Devil for his birthday this year and he loved it. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t try and use the average sized vacuum he just uses it less.

Go for a walk and/or exercise: Who said kids didn’t love to move around. Having a child with ADHD getting all his energy out somehow is key.

Cook: Help them cook their favorite meal or dinner for everyone. This also helps their skills which are essential.


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