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29 life lessons I learned while adjusting to millennial life (Happy Birthday)

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Happy September ya’ll. Turning 29 had me thinking about life so much. Literally my dirty thirty It will feel like turning 21 all over again. Over the past few years, I’ve been hearing the word millennial more often as an adult. Growing up I never even thought of what a millennial was? By turning 29 and thinking more about accomplishments. I’ve compiled 29 life lessons I’ve learned while adjusting to millennial life and being a mom. 😊

Millennial Mom Style

  1. Enjoy millennial life.
  2. Becoming a mother can change you but don’t let it define your whole self: This past year as I have been blogging full time I’ve realized I still need to add self-care to my lifestyle. Before this used to be my hobby and getaway. It feels a bit different. Like they say” do what you love“.
  3. Tell people you love them. You never know when they will be gone. No matter how young or old they are.
  4. Travel often. I didn’t start really traveling until I met my husband and boy did I miss out. I’m sure before turns 18 he will have traveled to more places than me.
  5. Be the bigger person no matter what the situation is.
  6. Always be true to yourself.
  7. Don’t let others define you based on what you are currently experiencing.
  8. Just because you are a sahm, wahm or working mom doesn’t me you are different.
  9. Sometimes shouting feels like the only thing to do. Sometimes when is having a bad day that means mom is having a bad day. Millennial Letterboard
  10. Take care of yourself. When you’re sick the world keeps turning. Don’t let it keep you down.
  11. Take time to find your soulmate. I had just gotten out of a relationship that turned toxic towards the end. After two breakups I was ready to date again without baggage and did it so well. I found my husband and we just clicked. No judgment, just love and I am so glad we did.
  12. Struggles are part of life.
  13. Having a miscarriage changes you. Not just as a mom but as a person.
  14. Be bold.
  15. Wearing lipstick can help you feel positive about yourself.
  16. Love food. Don’t eat your feelings.
  17. Asking questions is okay even for the stupid things.
  18. Do things the simple way and you will get through it easy.
  19. Treat yo’self even if it is just a coffee or pedicure.
  20. Be grateful for what you have. I never had the best or most expensive (even now) but I’m doing just fine.Millennial Self Care
  21. Self-care is not an option. Do it always.
  22. Be yourself. No one likes fake news.
  23. School can wait (maybe) finish when the time is right.
  24. Your style can change and that’s okay.
  25. Enjoy different cultures.
  26. Carbs can be the devil but indulging is something you need to do.
  27. Never stop believing in your self.
  28. Friends may change or even come and go: Most of the girls I went to high school with had kids years before me so we weren’t on the same level anymore. Then the current friends I did have fell off when I did get pregnant. It’s okay sometimes to make new ones.
  29. Never stop believing.

What life lessons have you endured as a millennial?

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