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23 Of The Best Summer Sugar Scrubs For Your Skin

Skincare has become so important to me lately. A new season is upon us so, making sure your skin is in tip-top shape is very important. I decided to roundup the best sugar scrubs you need for the Summertime.

This Mint Sugar Scrub is great for the start of Summer.

Mint Sugar Scrub

This Strawberry Sparkle Scrub is great for any time of the year.

Strawberry Sparkle Sugar Scrub

If you love blueberry this sugar scrub is for you.

Blueberry Sugar Scrub

Watermelon is the fruit of the Summer. This scrub is definitely fruity and a great way to get into the Summer feeling.

Watermelon Sugar Scrub

I’ve tried Rose time and time again and it always helps my skin tremendously. This ROSE scrub is a must need.

Rose Sugar Scrub

This SAGE & BLACKBERRY sugar scrub is a great start towards the Summer.

Sage & Blackberry Sugar Scrub

Rose is one of the best things for your skin. This Rose scrub is a great Summer refresher for your skin.

Rose sugar scrub

I love using mint in my everyday life. This orange mint scrub is a great Summer addition.

orange mint sugar scrub

Coffee¬†is my jam like everyone else’s. This scrub can help radiant your skin.

Lemon can help repair your skin. This scrub is easy and great to workout.

Lavender is something I use daily so seeing this Lavender scrub makes me want to make this one now.

This exfoliating body scrub is something you need if you are looking to relax.

If you love Bath & Body sugar scrubs then you need to check this one out.

Bath & Body Copy Cat Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub from To Simply Inspire sweet just like Summer.

Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

This detox scrub is a great start to getting Summer ready.

Summer detox sugar scrub

Honey and coconut are two things I love during the Summer.

Honey Coconut Sugar Scrub

Orange and coconuts are the fruit of the Summer.

Orange coconut Sugar Scrub

Rosalynn Daniels has a great natural based sugar scrub.

Natural Based Sugar Scrub

This lime and mojito scrub just screams Summer.Lime Mojito Sugar Scrub

Grapefruit is an all-around season fruit. I’ve been using the essential oil and love it.

Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

Another one from foodnservice.com

Lemon Lime Sugar Scrub

Another grapefruit scrub. This one includes mint and sea salt. Grapefruit Mint Sea Salt Scrub

This back to school scrub is genius. Plus the pineapple and coconut smells heavenly. Back to school scrub

Hope you enjoy these scrubs

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