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10 ways to stay inspired

10 ways to stay inspired

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Some days can seem like a blur. You always want to feel inspired even when it feels impossible. Even on some days I think what am I doing. Can I really do this? I always look for words of wisdom and inspiration. Even a quick pick me up. Especially, with this world and how much in turmoil it has become. Being able to give each other something in return is what we really need. Do you ever really look at the next person and think? What are they really going through? Could they really use more?  Plus, parenting this week has been hard. This is my first year as an official stay at home mom so getting the hang of things, having my own side hustle and getting my weight down to pp my toddler just hasn’t wanted to cooperate. Plus his ADHD has been a little over the top. For the past week, I have been in the worst funk but finding different ways to sort it out is definitely what I’ve needed to do.

Here are 10 ways to stay inspired daily.

  1. Flowers: Fake or real. They can brighten up your day. The colors and scents.
  2. Quotes: Inspirational quotes can definitely do something for you. I posted one up this week on my Instagram and everyone loved it.
  3. Over or under dress: Sometimes this may be just what you need.
  4. Go get a mani/pedi. I just got one yesterday and it felt so great. Plus I’m dreading saying this but I haven’t gotten one all Summer. I normally do my own at home but getting a professional one feels so good.
  5. Shopping: Online or in store. Sometimes this can help remove stress. Pink Blush is a great online option I choose from.
  6. Cooking: Sometimes cooking or making homemade recipes is always the best medicine.
  7. Wine or Drinks:Wine Wednesdays or just kick it back and have drink.
  8. Date Nights: Sometimes getting out of the house is just what you need.
  9.  Self Care
  10. Workout: This always helps me out.

What keeps you inspired?



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