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10 Ideal Back To School Lunch Ideas

Tis the season ya’ll. Back to school season. Ironically it’s not just for kids either. is starting full-day kindergarten at the end of the month. Since he will be eating lunch at school vs. at home I decided to round up some great ideal back to school lunch ideas.

ideal kids lunch ideas


This turkey club ranch wrap sounds so delicious.Ideal turkey club wrap

Having a theme for your child’s lunchbox is important when they are a picky eater. This Avengers themed box is the best. Ideal Avengers Lunch

My husband and I have been doing low carb and eating more healthier so sometimes may do the same. Plus he loves pizzaIdeal Low Carb Pizza

These lunchbox walking tacos are insanely cute. I can’t wait to make these.

Ideal Lunchbox walking tacos

Turkey and cheese is always the way to go. Love these quesadillas

Ideal turkey cheese quesadillas

Another themed box. This teddy bear one is so cute.

Ideal teddy bear lunch box

This rainbow lunchbox is too cute. Ideal rainbow lunchbox

Love these first  day ideas.

Ideal first day lunches

If you can allow PB&J this one is definitely a cute option.

Ideal lunchbox pairing

What’s your fave back to school lunch?



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  1. August 17, 2018 / 3:04 PM

    Fun ideas!

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